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21st May 2024 Headlines About China’s Aggression Illegal Acting The South China Sea including India sends warships to South China Sea in ‘subtle reminder’ to Beijing!

Headlines About China’s Aggression Illegal Acting The South China Sea!

China row deepens in South China Sea: 5 things to know

Relations between the Philippines and China have teetered on the brink of a new low in recent weeks, with tensions ratcheting up over a seri.

Philippines Calls for International Probe Into Environmental Damage at Disputed Shoal

The Philippine Coast Guard claims that Chinese fishermen hunting giant clams have caused significant damage to the reefs at Scarborough Shoal.

Asian neighbors wary of China’s plans to deploy floating nuclear plants

China allegedly plans to send some 20 floating nuclear power plants to the islands it reclaimed in the South China Sea, where it has long-running…

South China Sea dispatch: Excitement, fear fill Scarborough Shoal voyage

A BenarNews correspondent recounts his experience with a Filipino civilian convoy to waters near a disputed shoal.

Indian warships reach Manila as part of deployment to South China Sea

India News: Guided-missile destroyer INS Delhi, fleet tanker INS Shakti and anti-submarine warfare corvette INS Kiltan, under the command of Eastern Fleet…

Defense chiefs from US, Australia, Japan and Philippines vow to deepen cooperation

Defense chiefs from Australia, Japan, the Philippines and the United States have vowed to deepen their cooperation as they gather in Hawaii for their…

The B-21 Raider Bomber Has Just 1 Mission

The new B-21 Raider stealth bomber, developed by the U.S. to counter threats from China, is expected to play a critical role in deterring Chinese aggression…


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