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21st May 2024 Headlines about China’s Illegal Strikes Spying and Cyber Attacks including Chinese hackers spying on US critical infrastructure!

Headlines about China’s Illegal Strikes Spying and Cyber Attacks!

Google, Meta warned that undersea internet cables at risk for Chinese espionage: report

US national security officials have reportedly warned Google, Meta and other firms that their undersea internet cables could be at risk of tampering by…

Guo denies being a Chinese spy: ‘I am a Filipino, I love my country’

Embattled Bamban town Mayor Alice Guo on Monday categorically denied she was a “spy” of China..

Chinese student loses appeal over money-laundering conviction

Baijun Liu claimed sheriff court had breached her human rights over £17000 deposited into her bank account.

Spy games: China cries foul over space espionage

Chinese officials claim to have “uncovered multiple espionage cases in the aerospace sector” amid a widening controversy over Beijing’s intelligence…

The UK Has Accused China Of Cyber-Attacks On The UK. Here’s What You Need To Know

The government has put a spotlight on the cyber security threat it believes China poses to the UK following months of growing concerns around Beijing.

Furchtgott-Roth: Biden should ban Chinese EVs

President Biden has been playing into China’s hands with his electric vehicle mandates. A tariff won’t fix the problem. But a ban just might.

Cyberattacks on water systems are increasing, EPA warns, urging utilities to take immediate action

The Environmental Protection Agency warns that cyberattacks against water utilities around the U.S. are becoming more frequent and more severe.

Chinese hackers spying on US critical infrastructure, Western intelligence says

By Zeba Siddiqui and Christopher Bing. (Reuters) -A state-sponsored Chinese hacking group has been spying on a wide range of U.S. critical infrastructure…


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