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2nd June 2024 Friday Headlines About China’s Illegal Acting including U.S. defense chief warns of China’s aggression, calls for dialogue!

Headlines About China’s Aggression Illegal Acting The South China Sea!

Two German warships on South China Sea mission – DW – 05/31/2024

Russia’s war against Ukraine has prompted Germany to beef up its military, including expanding the Navy’s capabilities. One of their roles is supporting…

Those who back Taiwan independence face ‘self-destruction,’ China’s new defense minister warns in combative summit speech

Taiwan is pursuing independence incrementally and those who support it will “end up in self-destruction,” China’s new defense minister warned Sunday in a…

Philippine president Ferdinand Marcos Jr warns China against ‘acts of war’

He warned China not to cross a red line as their standoff in the South China Sea escalates.

South China Sea dispute: Philippine president warns China against ‘acts of war’

Marcos said the Philippines and other Southeast Asian countries had a vision for “peace, stability, and prosperity” in the South China Sea, but that this…

Marcos puts China on notice over South China Sea

Simmering tensions over the South China Sea have taken centre stage at an annual security conference in Singapore. The actions of China’s military were…

Defence Minister Richard Marles raised helicopter flare incident with Chinese counterpart

Defence ministers have used the Shangri-La dialogue in Singapore to confront China over the latest military muscle-flexing in the Asia-Pacific.

China raps U.S. for aiding Taiwan, escalating tensions

Chinese Defense Minister Dong Jun criticizes the United States at a security forum in Singapore, claiming Washington supports Taiwan independence and is…

China accuses US of seeking ‘Asia-Pacific Nato’

PLA general blames Washington for tension as Pentagon chief says allies seek ‘convergence’ on defence and security.

U.S. defense chief warns of China’s aggression, calls for dialogue

U.S. Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin warns Saturday of China’s coercive actions in the Indo-Pacific region while underscoring the need for dialogue to avoid…

Richard Marles confronted by Chinese PLA officers at Shangri-La Dialogue in Singapore

Officers from China’s People’s Liberation Army (PLA) confront Richard Marles at an international security conference after the Australian minister used a…

Defence minister calls out China’s naval aggression

The defence minister has taken to the global stage to call out China’s rising aggression while speaking at the Asia-Pacific’s pre-eminent defence summit.

American Friends of Gilgit and Muzaffarabad draw attention to China’s expanding influence, impact on minorities

Authors, political activists and journalists discussed Pakistan Deteriorating Relations with Neighbours at an event organised by American Friends of Gilgit.

PBBM may invoke MDT over SCS aggression

WATCH: President Ferdinand Marcos Jr. stated that the Mutual Defense Treaty will be invoked if a Filipino is killed in the South China Sea due to China’s…

Australian Broadcasting Corporation

China defence chief says Beijing ready to ‘forcefully’ stop Taiwan independence

Chinese Defence Minister Dong Jun declares Beijing will use force to stop Taiwanese independence during an address at the Shangri-La Dialogue in Singapore.

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China sends dozens of warplanes and ships near Taiwan to show its anger over island’s new leaders

China has sent dozens of warplanes and navy vessels off Taiwan’s coast on the second day of a large exercise launched to show its anger over the island’s…


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