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2nd June 2024 Headlines about China’s Illegal Strikes Spying and Cyber Attacks including Chinese student’s drone photos raise espionage concerns in US!

Headlines about China’s Illegal Strikes Spying and Cyber Attacks!

UK MI5 instructed to focus on spies from Russia, China and Iran

MI5, the UK national counter-intelligence service, has been ordered to refocus its efforts on spies from Iran, China and Russia.

Chinese student’s drone photos raise espionage concerns in US

The case against Chinese student and drone user Fengyun Shi includes charges that fall under the Espionage Act.

Unmasking of elderly U.S. spies shows there’s no age limit on getting busted

The United States has busted some spies lately who are old enough to qualify for retirement benefits. These cases — and others that came before them…

Warnings of Election Meddling by China Never Reached the Prime Minister

A watchdog agency found roadblocks to the flow of information both within the spy agency and the public service.

Canada raised foreign interference concerns with China, says defence minister

Canada’s domestic spy agency said in April that China had interfered in the last two elections. Read more at straitstimes.com.

TikTok boss can’t guarantee China doesn’t interfere with app or spy on users

“Gary is a man who’s moving through the world without an identity, so to speak. He just is attracted to what he is attracted to. He loves ornithology, he loves…

Why a Pacific Island Is Blaming China for a Hack

Palau’s claims that China orchestrated the attack remain unproven. But it’s clear that the breach presents a danger for another ally of Palau: the United…

“China, Russia, North Korea and Iran are leveraging ChatGPT for their needs”

Sherrod Degrippo, Director of Threat Intelligence Strategy at Microsoft, warns that software is fragile and explains why an old router is the most dangerous…

China turns to private hackers as it cracks down on online activists on Tiananmen Square anniversary

Beijing’s cyber operations are largely conducted in the shadows. But a recent leak has shed light on how the state is working with private companies to…

Phishing Alert: Chinese Cybercriminals Target Indian Investors with Fake Brokerage Apps

Zerodha CEO warns of new phishing scams mimicking brokerages. Learn how to protect your investments from these sophisticated cyber threats.

US may impose sanctions against Chinese banks that support Russia

УНН News of the World ✎ According to US Deputy Secretary of state Kart Campbell, the United States is considering imposing sanctions on Chinese firms and…

Ret. General weighs in on global conflicts | News | postandcourier.com

A potpourri of global concerns were addressed and dissected by US Marine Corps Major General Michael Regner during his May 28 visit with the Isle of Palms…

DOJ charges Chinese national with operating ‘world’s largest botnet’ that stole $5.9 billion in Covid relief funds

The FBI previously shut down the China-backed “Volt Typhoon” hacking group, which had been targeting U.S. water plants, electric grids and more.


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