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China’s ‘Kim Kardashian’ banned in crackdown by the CCP!

China cracks down on online influencers who showcase their wealth, resulting in the ban of a Chinese blogger often likened to Kim Kardashian.

Wang Hongquanxing, among numerous others, has had his social media accounts closed as part of a purge by the Communist Party targeting influencers who promote extravagant lifestyles.

Renowned as China’s equivalent to Kim Kardashian, Wang Hongquanxing, aged 30 and a jewellery dealer, faced the consequences of flaunting his opulent lifestyle. Previously boasting that he wouldn’t step out without adorning himself with attire and accessories worth at least $1.4 million, Wang is now ensnared in the Party’s crackdown on ostentatious displays of wealth.

Like many affluent online personalities, Wang garnered millions of followers by showcasing his lavish possessions and indulgent routine, a trend condemned by state media as detrimental.

In a sweeping move this month, numerous accounts on major Chinese social media platforms such as Douyin, Weibo, and Xiaohongshu were summarily banned. Wang’s own profiles fell victim to this purge, deemed in violation of self-discipline regulations.

For Wang, who once boasted a staggering 4.4 million followers on Douyin and was frequently adorned in precious gems and pearls, this crackdown marks a dramatic downfall.

Speculation abounds as to the motives behind the crackdown, with some suggesting it aims to curb discontent amid economic challenges such as sluggish growth, soaring youth unemployment, and a turbulent property market.

The recent purge has evoked mixed reactions from fans, with some lamenting the loss of access to luxury content while others applaud the effort to combat toxicity in online spaces.


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